At Chai School, Judaism is...

AN EXPLORATION. Students are expected to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and push the boundaries of what Judaism is, was, and could be. 

RELEVANT. At the end of each year we meet with our students and develop our course catalogue based on their specific requests and feedback. But more than that, you choose the courses that you take. Whatever your reason - a course topic is particularly appealing to you, a friend is in a certain class, or you love a specific educator - your courses are your choice.

COMPATIBLE WITH YOUR REALITY. We hear you: high school is tough, it's busy, and your schedule changes every 5 minutes. That's why we've designed Chai School with flexibility in mind. We offer courses in the Fall, Winter and Spring, on Sunday mornings and on certain weekday afternoons. You can sign up for as few as one course or as many as six. How many courses you take, which courses you take, and the time of year you participate in Chai School is up to you.

Questions? Contact us at 310-481-3232 or

Chai School is a program of the Sinai Temple Teen Center and part of the L.A. Jewish Teen Initiative, co-funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jim Joseph Foundation with seed funding provided by the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles. Program partners include UpStart, Etzah, an Initiative of the AJU Graduate Center for Education, and BJE Impact.